I help women who have been burning the candle at both ends to jumpstart their metabolism & reframe their mindset, so they can feel gorgeous, radiate confidence and deliver their gifts to the world.

You didn't think years of hard work & success would look like burnout and hard to lose weight, did you?  Meither.  Around 40, your metabolism needs a jumpstart.  But hours on the treadmill just aren't cutting it anymore & nighttime cravings are doing you in.  I share my 5 fave tips in the Sleep to Shed Pounds Guide, so that you can get better sleep tonight and stop raiding the fridge >>

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Hi, I'm Liana...

For years I suffered with hard to lose weight, yo-yo dieting, chronic fatigue, brain fog, episodic depression and feeling disconnected from myself.  I was dependent on 5 shots of espresso a day from Starbucks to get me through work & home life.  My conventional medical training failed to find me a solution that worked.  I realized I was only applying a band-aid to my symptoms and never addressing their root cause, and that's when I discovered Functional Medicine.  Not only was I Mold Toxic with an imbalanced Microbiome and Insulin resistant... my mindset was wired for subconscious self-limiting thoughts & beliefs. What I’ve learned is, clearing a path back to health should involve learning to release things that no longer serve me, that I don't need to burn the candle at both ends, or spend endless hours in the gym. It's possible to jumpstart your metabolism to lose weight, feel confident & gorgeous in your own skin.  

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Dear Gorgeous Woman ...

I see you.  I know how hard you've worked.. to get that degree, start & run that business, climb the corporate ladder, feed those kids, make ends meet, love that partner & be a good friend.


I bet you sacrifice:

  • sleep
  • eating healthy & exercising
  • taking a relaxing bath
  • doing something to make you feel sexy
  • taking vacations & enjoying life
  • speaking & standing in your truth

all at the cost of your health and what feels like your sanity at times.  What you don't realize is that years of this has worn down your metabolism, hormones, self-worth, boundaries & the ambitious mindset you had.


And now that you've :

  • reached an age where hormones are changing, or
  • kids are older, so you have some more time to yourself, or
  • you're dating again after a break-up, or
  • the Doctor has told you that your health isn't in the best shape

So you look in the mirror and realize, what you see is NOT how you pictured what the successful you would look like.  But, improving your health and losing weight isn't coming along as easily as it used to or maybe it never did.  At this point, you don't have time to tinker.  You wanna cut to chase, get results without trial & error.


Here's the deal:  after years of burning the candle at both ends.. your hormones need a reset, your metabolism needs a jumpstart, and your mindset needs a re-frame.


You want to feel gorgeous & confident.  And there's nothing wrong with that, here's why:


I believe we are in a time where women are rising together and embracing their feminine energy in a way that the world has never seen.  As such, women have the innate power to influence positive social & epigenetic legacies for future generations to come.  But we cannot do this if we are sick, burned out, lack self-worth & self-confidence.  And so, my mission is larger than metabolism & weight loss... it's about helping you, gorgeous woman, step into all your glory & power to deliver your gifts to the world. 


Wishing You The Best of Health, 


Lost 16lbs in 6 weeks

I felt like I was not even losing weight, and it was amazing how just a few changes, actually work, from following the guidelines. Just changing my whole attitude & mindset helped a whole lot.

Fenix M.

Lost 26lbs in 12 weeks

I started Round 2 of your program this week and, once again, your magic is working.  I absolutely know I can get to where [weight] I need to be. And I have you to thank for that.

Chris M.

Lost 23lbs in 6 weeks

I'm in Maintenance Phase and I'm seeing my weight is wanting to drop.. I've dropped at least 2 sizes.. and I'm going to treat myself and go clothes shopping soon, because I need to

Kimberly F.

How I can help ...

You Need a PROVEN METHOD When Nothing Else Is Working

Reset Metabolism

Learn how to navigate a Metabolic Detox to support toxin release while you lose weight to achieve and maintain a new baseline of health.

Balance Hormones

Restore hormone balance without medication using a holistic and natural approach that is Physician-designed to be sustainable.

One to One Support

Receive personal guidance & learn how to lose weight, keep it off and eat a functional food plan for life & not worry about gaining it all back.

I started Round 2 of your program this week and, once again, your magic is working.  I absolutely know I can get to where [weight] I need to be. And I have you to thank for that.

Chris M, Lost 26 lbs in 12 weeks

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Sleep to Shed Pounds Guide!

Sleep has more to do with metabolism and weight than you think. In this guide I share the strategies I recommend to my private clients to keep them from raiding the fridge at night and throwing off metabolism so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

  • Stop Midnight Cravings 

    The secret sauce to fitting back into your favorite little black dress for date night

  • Balance Hormones Naturally

    A simple way to wake up with more energy, without having to take medication

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